26 January 2006

Digging tunnels in the snow.

So I read this little piece of news today and thought, dang! I love tunnels. This idea is so fascinating I don't know why there aren't more of them. We should have a tunnel that goes to Disneyland and a tunnel that goes to Hawaii. When I was a kid any time we got a large amount of snowfall I always tried to dig tunnels in our yard. Usually they didn't work, because, lets face it, you need a little more than four feet of snow to build a good tunnel, but I was always fascinated with the idea. Although I have a slight tendency to be, oh, what it is called, afraid of small confined places... Although not really. Going to the lava caves in middle school was fun. Hm. We should build a tunnel to Mexico too. I can't believe California thought of it first! Oh wait, they do share a boarder. Anyways. Fun.
The end.

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  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    when i was little i would think about building tunnels to places all over the world. The one i wanted the most was a tunnel to disneyland. I also had the great idea of building a small tunnel that would send food i was about to throw away to starving kids. shit! i was a smart kid!


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