26 January 2006

Digging tunnels in the snow.

So I read this little piece of news today and thought, dang! I love tunnels. This idea is so fascinating I don't know why there aren't more of them. We should have a tunnel that goes to Disneyland and a tunnel that goes to Hawaii. When I was a kid any time we got a large amount of snowfall I always tried to dig tunnels in our yard. Usually they didn't work, because, lets face it, you need a little more than four feet of snow to build a good tunnel, but I was always fascinated with the idea. Although I have a slight tendency to be, oh, what it is called, afraid of small confined places... Although not really. Going to the lava caves in middle school was fun. Hm. We should build a tunnel to Mexico too. I can't believe California thought of it first! Oh wait, they do share a boarder. Anyways. Fun.
The end.

25 January 2006

I am not dead but I am not alive

You know what looks cool? Cell by Stephen King. You can read the first two chapters here. Zombies that are not dead sounds like good clean fun. Also, check out this because it's just funny. I like you Stephen King.
The End.

22 January 2006

three compweeter for price

Yesterday I finally got around to buying one of the albums I lost in the great 2005 car theft year. Belle and Sebastian's Boy With The Arab Strap. I forgot how much I love that album. Good good stuff.

Today chips ahoy cookies were buy one get one free so I bought one and got one free and they taste like artificial flavors.

Tomorrow I'm going to do homework all day because I didn't do any homework all weekend.

17 January 2006


So you know when you are like listening to something on headphones like on the bus or wherever and you smile or you find yourself tapping your foot or something and then you become conscious of the fact that you are doing it it makes you laugh because there are people around and you are the only one in on it? I love it when that happens. I also love it when I see it happen to other people. Like this girl on the bus today who was full on head tappin' singing silently to her discman and I really just wanted to know what she was listening to, and being a pretentious jerk I assume it was something crappy like Matchbox 20 or something but who knows. Today I did the same thing only it was with this comic or graphic novel or whatever you want to call it, free goodies from Joe Keatinge, Slop: Analecta (it's good so go buy it). Anyways I was reading it while sitting out one of the smoking porches at PSU and laughed heartily a few times. Then, not noticing I was A. reading and B. listening to my ipod, some dude had to ask me who it was on button and I was like, Molly Ringwald, Duh, and he was like, oh yeah that's who I thought it was. Great. Thanks for interrupting me to ask a question you already knew the answer too. Although he probably didn't really know the answer he was just pretending he did. Dork. : ) I'm being a jerk but really I love it when people talk to me about that button, and it happens all the time. Molly's one popular girl.

10 January 2006

I found something cool today

So I was surfin' the net looking for images of the cure that were desktopesque and to my complete and utter joy found five pics from the show I saw with Alex Arrowsmith in 2004 in Everett Washington. Stoked am I. Here's one for you peeps.

09 January 2006

I used to be good at Tekken 4

So I was once, for a while, randomly good at a video game. Sure, I rock at the sims 2 but what does one compare it to? There is no win or loose in that game. In Tekken 4 however, one does win or loose. And it is a brutal bloodbath to the finish. Sure, I was once kicking my way to wins left and right as Christie, my favorite character, but then I just lost it somehow, maybe it was Steve, maybe it was Combot, who knows, but whatever happened, I lost. To Mark. 10 to 9. I cried. Just a little. On the inside. Single Tear.

07 January 2006

I just paid $3.95 to connect to the internet

Sitting at the mall on the internet is an interesting experience. I don't think I was made for malls. I wish I was but I'm not. I see a movie like mallrats and I think, dang, that could be me man, I could hang out in a mall all day, but really I can't. There are too many godamn teenagers and babies. I don't care for either. I'm getting grumpy and I want to punch things. I won't though, for now I will just drink a ton of espresso and try to work of that ton of sleeping I did yesterday and last night. "Who falls asleep durring Star Wars: A New Hope?" You might be asking. Well, thats me. Geesh, it's not like I've never seen it before. I want bigger hair, is that weird? Is it even possible? Who knows.

02 January 2006

I'm going dark.

It seems fitting somehow, this whole 2006 business. I haven't much to say about anything really, and yet I manage to fill up space after space with words. I have this song stuck in my brain and it's been there since Saturday. I don't think it's ever going to leave, so I did the only thing I could do, I went out and bought the cd. I try to fill the void in my gut with water but it's not working. When I grow up I want to be somebody. I want things to be nice. Walking through a park on a warm day nice. Will 2006 be this nice for me? Will it be this nice for you? It could. I have to get over some of those pesky 2005 things though. It will happen. Everything's eventual. What is that, a song or something? A Stephen King book? Whatever it is it sounds like truth. And I want the truth.

Going with one of those new years resolution themes

New years resolutions, in no particular order:
1. quit smoking.
2. graduate from college this year.
3. watch less and read more.
4. go out on a limb more.

That's enough is it not?