01 December 2005

You know what's good?

You know what's not good, there isn't going to be a new episode until January!! WTF! I guess I'm going to have to kill the time by catching up on another good show which is on at the same time, 9pm wednesdays, Veronica Mars. Anyone happen to have any episodes from this season recorded? Anyways last night's Lost episode was pretty much awesome. I was never a big Kate person, I was more all about Charlie, you know, cuz I dig the whole cute rock star thing. BUT, this episode made me really apreciate Kate, getting her whole motivations and all, and dang! Anyways I really like Anna Lucia, I know most people don't because she shot Shannon and all, but I dig her. She can hold her own and thats cool. And she didn't MEAN to shoot Shannon, it was an accident. Anyways I gotta go watch Firefly. My roommate has never seen the Pilot. Weirdo!

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  1. man, that DOES suck! and i was all excited to watch it tonight! guess i'll still watch it anyway.


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