20 December 2005


Serenity came out on DVD today. So I was so excited to get it I stopped at that evil empire that is WalMart in Troutdale, parked at the back of the parking lot because it was way full with all those fun holiday shoppers and walked through the notorious Troutdale wind and rain to get into the biggest and lamest and busiest WalMart only to find they were all out of Serenity in Widescreen. "Fuck this" I said to the cashier. Oh wait, actually what I really said was, "Hey, do you have any more copies of Serenity in Widescreen?" And he replied, too busy to even look at me while saying it "What I have is what is out there on the shelf." Well thanks for nothing. Thus endeth my time at WalMart, and I quickly ran to the car and drove to my favorite Fred Meyer out there on 39th and Hawthorne and of course they had Serenity in Widescreen as well as Gilmore Girls Season One for only $24.99. "What a steal!" I said to myself, as I accidentally knocked the movie the Notebook and a copy of Serenity Full Screen on the floor. Thankfully one of the nice Fred Meyer shoppers felt inclined to pick them up for me, cuz God knows I was just going to kick them away. Then in line I saw a youngish man who happened to be buying Serenity Widescreen too, and he was hiding something underneath it which I later discovered was The Beatles 1, assumedly a present for his assumed father who he told to go away when he came up to him in line. I proceeded to chit-chat with the youngish man about the rumored Easter egg on the Serenity DVD, probably totally impressing him with my knowledge. Then I bought my respective wares and went on my way. Good times.

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