01 December 2005

Who do YOU have a crush on?

So I'm bored, watching Firefly and surfing the internet super highways, hanging out on myspace, and I come across this bulletin that someone on my friend list posted, and its all, oh go here type in your crush and find out if you're compatible. I'm bored so I'm like, ok, funny, this will be like one of those things that has to do with the number of letters in your name or something, but not even, its just some lame prank to get you to type in your crush and then they e-mail it to the person who sent you there. Yup, I was duped. Lame, I mean, it's not like I really care because what the fuck, are we in grade school, you know who I have a crush on? But its just one of those things where you are like, what the fuck, did I really fall for that? I'm lame. I wish I had invented it. This is the kind of this you could really use in middle school to ruin peoples lives with. Ha ha. As for now, long past middle school, I will just be content feeling stupid for actually being bored enough to click on this link and actually typing in the name of someone I have a "crush" on.
Shaking head in shame.

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