06 December 2005

a quick little note to the man who stole my car

Dear Sir,
Thank you for stealing my car. Again. I'm assuming it was also you who stole it in July and in January. It has been so much fun waiting around for the police to find it. Boy, and the paying for towing to a secure location! That's been fun too, because we all know I'm just rolling in the dough, that's why I drive such a sweet car. The '86 Toyota Camry might not seem like much to some people, but you sure seem to love it. I hope you enjoy the pack of American spirits I left for you, I know there were only four in there, but I'm sure you appreciate it. Sorry about not leaving the face on my CD player, but I'm sure you will steal it anyways, because, hey, why not. Enjoy the box of organic cereal that was left on the back seat and I hope the cops catch you this time.
C. "Please Steal My Car Cuz I Love It"

1 comment:

  1. let me know what kind of response you get from him.

    ps you're hilarious.


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