04 November 2005

Abby Someone, Abby Normal

Now it's time for a little movie review slash recommendation. I'm willing to bet anyone bothering to read my blog is of the variety who have seen and loved this movie but I'm going to digress anyway.

"Oh I love, my pretty little flower..."

You know what's good? Young Frankenstein Seriously, COM-E-DY to the max. Young Frankenstein has to be one of the funniest movies ever made, not to mention one of Gene Wilder's greatest performances, in fact I'm going all out, this is his greatest. Every time I watch it I notice something new and hilarious. Wilder goes from calm to crazy in like no time, and it's perfectly funny, seriously. Oh, and speaking of Genes, Gene Hackman as the blind man is pretty hilarious too. "I was going to make espresso!" Oh, and have I even mentioned Marty Feldman? Pure genius, soo funny, "Sed-a-give!" And the Police Inspector with his arm and the throwing the darts and the cheating and the lighting his cigar and the darts in the tire, oh buoy, its funny. Check it out if you haven't yet, you will be happy you did.

"Now throw a kiss and say bye-bye."


  1. you are correct, i AM of the variety who have seen and loved that film.
    i watched back the future last night. that is also pretty hilarious. man, was michael j. fox ever hot back then. too bad he got the shakes.

  2. lol. dang, you are funny. too bad he got the shakes? i guess i would agree, although that sounds politically incorrect or something. when is that hot show family ties going to come out on dvd i ask you?


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