30 November 2005

There's no place I can be...

Since I found Serenity...

Actually I was at first thinking I was going to yet again post about Firefly/Serenity but I thought against it, don't wanna push it too hard. So instead I will post about one of the coolest chick fronted bands ever, Heart. I think "Crazy On You" is an awesome song. Don't you?

24 November 2005

I've got some words

Sark's back. The end.

Ok, not really the end but I wanted it to have some gusto. Sark's back! Bam! I'm excited! Alias has been a little rocky this season, what with them killing off like the best character on the show, and so to see them bringing back an oldy but a goody like Sark is just, well, I'm just excited. I'll be more excited when they bring Vaughn back. Just you wait. Dang. Anyways I haven't posted a blog in a while, I don't know what the dill is, but I have just been with like this big lack of words. And my dog died. No, seriously. It was sad. It's weird when you have this thing around in your life and its like a person this thing and its like a constant this thing and you can count on it, which I guess is what I mean when I said it is a constant, but this thing is not there anymore, and its, its gone, and I'm sad. Jake the dog (not to be confused with Jake the boy the kid next door) showed up in the world around my 13th year, and let me tell you, he was the best dog ever, and loved to play fetch. And he was smart. And nice. And not dumb like a lot of dogs are in my opinion. Anyways I guess that's all I really wanted to say about that. If I had a pic of him on my computer I would post it but I don't. Maybe later. That's all from me. Think happy thoughts, go pet your pet, and watch firefly and be happy. That is my wish for all of you. The End. Really.

p.s. happy turkey day.

11 November 2005

This is what today is like

This is one of those pictures that you look at and think, Wow. I wish I had taken this.
Listen to this.

09 November 2005

If you like me at all, you will like this

So seriously, why aren't more people going to see Serenity? It is good! I don't tell lies! Go buy Firefly on DVD and then watch Serenity and then enjoy it dammit! But seriously, I just read this post Joss Whedon made on Whedonesque, my daily source for all things Whedon. He is a funny man, and I'm sure I'm one in a million people wishing he was my friend. At any rate, if you are actually my friend, oh those surfin the internet and its respective superhighways, go see Serenity. Get into all things Joss. Well, maybe not all things, just because he wrote some episodes of Roseanne early in his career doesn't mean I'm going out to buy Season Two of Roseanne, but seriously, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is awesome, (the show, not the movie although the movie is good for some laughs and for Luke Perry), Angel the Buffy spinoff is even better, (there, I've said it, I like Angel better than Buffy, both the shows and the characters. Although that doesn't mean I like Buffy any less, I just like Angel more, whatever, I'm getting carried away) and Firefly, is even better than better, it is gooder than good, it's the best. 'Why did it get cancelled in it's first season then?' you might be asking me. To that I reply, well, why did Freaks and Geeks get cancelled, huh? Why do good shows get no viewers and get cancelled before their time? It's because dumb asses like you aren't out their watching the good shows! Wait, I take that back, you are my friends, not dumb asses, I'm talking to those people, I affectionately like to refer to them as 'them'. Those dumb ass Americans who are to busy watching lame shows like the Apprentice and... and other shows that suck. Getting carried away again. So, here's the point, watch good shows, go see Serenity, and keep your eye out for Joss, who is going to be a guest star on Veronica Mars tonight, because when you are in the entertainment business and you like a show they let you guest star on it, I guess. For more fun, check out this post by Joss here, it is entertaining, more so if you are into the 'verse, but even if you are not.

04 November 2005

Abby Someone, Abby Normal

Now it's time for a little movie review slash recommendation. I'm willing to bet anyone bothering to read my blog is of the variety who have seen and loved this movie but I'm going to digress anyway.

"Oh I love, my pretty little flower..."

You know what's good? Young Frankenstein Seriously, COM-E-DY to the max. Young Frankenstein has to be one of the funniest movies ever made, not to mention one of Gene Wilder's greatest performances, in fact I'm going all out, this is his greatest. Every time I watch it I notice something new and hilarious. Wilder goes from calm to crazy in like no time, and it's perfectly funny, seriously. Oh, and speaking of Genes, Gene Hackman as the blind man is pretty hilarious too. "I was going to make espresso!" Oh, and have I even mentioned Marty Feldman? Pure genius, soo funny, "Sed-a-give!" And the Police Inspector with his arm and the throwing the darts and the cheating and the lighting his cigar and the darts in the tire, oh buoy, its funny. Check it out if you haven't yet, you will be happy you did.

"Now throw a kiss and say bye-bye."