29 October 2005

I muse on music

So remember when I was saying I was going to get into surf music? Like really get into it, like buy a bunch of cds and lps and listen to it like non-stop and become a surf expert? That plan kind of fell though somewhere, I don't remember. Anyways I was thinking about that today after having this idea that I'm going to get into garage. I mean, really get into garage, like buy a bunch of garage cds and lps and you know, become an expert in garage, kind of like the good old days, like how I was once a super expert in all things Beatles, anyways that's besides the point, so I was thinking about getting into garage, and then I rememberd my failed attempt at getting into surf and decided I should start small, you know, listen to some stuff here and there. So... here I will listen to Paul Revere and the Raiders, the song is "Just Like Me" hm, that's good... and there I will listen to The Sonics, the song is "Psycho" and, hm, them's good too. And then before you know it, I'll wiggle my nose and be knee deep and swimmin' in the garage.

To be into Garage like me check out this and this

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  1. I met Paul Revere once. I had just finished up the nightly newscast and was walking through the TV chief's office on the way to my own. There was this old guy dressed in a colonial army costume with thinning hair and a big mustache lounging in the office. The TV head introduced him as Paul Revere. I gave him a quick handshake and a polite smile and continued on my way. Since it was around the 4th of July, I thought he was just some school teacher there to do an interview. On the way up to the newsroom in the elevator, I noticed my co-ancher had a GOOFY smile on her face. When I asked why, she explained that it was Paul Revere of the Raiders. Wow, did I feel fooish. He must have thought I was a real egomaniac, giving him the brush-off like that.


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