20 October 2005

Google Me

I just did something I heard about on NPR the other day. I googled my name. At first it was kind of funny, oh Dr. C. from Florida, blah blah blah C. in Sheboygan, but after a while I was like, hm, is there actually anything online that mentioned me by name? ME??? But alas, after reading something like 25 pages of results I came up empty handed, which for some reason is good, and bad. Good because that means no one can look me up and steal my identity over the information superhighway, but bad in the sense that it means I really haven't done anything with my life thus far. No Articles in papers with my name in the by line, no pages about my wonderful singing or my painting and trumpet playing like all those other C. out there in the world who are actually doing something noteworthy. I better get on it, eh? What the f is my scene? I'm not sure. But I'm gonna figure it out, I am. And maybe the next time I google my name I'll come up with something that's actually about me.


  1. I learned through google that there is an Adam Gemmer that is a pretty decent junior hockey player in Minnesota. He's a defender.

  2. Here's the Camille Smith who's trying to make it as a pop singer:
    Camille Smith


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